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The Authentic Life Credo

The Very Unique and Personal Journey, Wherein your Faith ignites your Passion! And the Relentless Pursuit of Purpose Reveals your Authentic Destiny!

The Authentication Process

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Course Content

Online courses that will enrich your walk, increase your faith, and build your unique journey towards living an Authentic Life.

Course Titles (a sneak peak)

  • From Water to Wine in 40 Days - A Consecration Series design to manifest the various aspects of the Holy Spirit in your life. As you may have guessed from the title, this course was inspired by the first recorded miracle of Jesus Christ (turning water into wine). This is 40 consecutive days of guided instruction, scripture lessons, meditation, periods of fasting, and journaling. Your spirit man is often a reflection of your physical person. And just like your physical body, how you react to drinking water is a "little different" than when you drink wine! This is a course you Won't Want to Miss!
  • The 21 Day Social Media Fast Challenge - This is both an online course and challenge in one. It provides a process to truly enrich your life and help you step back from the grasps and unconscious pull of social media addiction and over stimulation. While most will agree there are other things in life that are more important than social media, we often fail to pursue or give necessary attention to those things. This challenge redirects your focus on Physical, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental/Intellectual growth instead!
  • The Four Pillars of Discovery - The Foundations of Authenticating and Validating your Purpose is vividly explained in this course. The Four Pillars of Discovery is for those who are truly tired of repeating the same thing everyday. If you suffer from repeated failed relationships, you're unsatisfied in your career, feel spiritually bankrupt, or lack clear purpose, then this Foundational course is for you!
  • The Authentication Process - T.A.P. is our Signature Course that builds on The Four Pillars of Discovery. It outlines the process to remove the guesswork to living a life full of Purpose, Peace, and Gratitude. A life that's fully and authentically You! This course is a deep dive into creating your unique journey and walk.

Why did God create you? What were you placed on this earth to accomplish? What lives are you divinely inspired to impact? What part are you to play in establishing the generations to follow? If you know and agree that you weren't created by accident, if you believe that God has a plan for you, then this course is designed for you! It picks up where most books, sermons, and other materials stop and helps you envision and create a truly fulfilling life that connects Body, Soul, & Spirit to God's eternal plan for YOU from the foundation of the world!


Membership Community

Our member site will have exclusive training, coaching, mentoring, as well as live group coaching with amazing guest speakers and presenters. We'll be launching three different levels to accommodate where You are on your journey. Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels will provide various degrees of accountability, coaching, and direct communication.


Virtual Book Club

There are a ton of great books in the marketplace that speak on the topic of Purpose, Destiny, Wholeness, Health, Spirituality, and so much more. The On-T.A.P. Virtual Book Club will invite you as we delve into the various aspects of who we are as people. It'll be a time of Real Talk!


Live Events & Retreats

We've got to say this is what we're most excited about. The opportunity to meet, shake hands, hug, and speak into the lives of those God has divinely connected us with. You are our tribe, our community, our family.

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About Jeffrey & Shanda

Jeffrey & Shanda have been married for 25 years. They have two grown daughters, Marissa & Mychala. Their combined background experiences include serving as Youth Pastors, teachers, community servants, entrepreneurs, and authors.

They are creative, expressive, passionate about life, serving others, and helping people to understand that authentic living is at the core of being free.

They can't wait for you to join them on this journey!

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