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I'm grateful for every opportunity to act, sing, speak, and inspire! 

I've made dozens of commercials, short films, and other theatrical appearances.


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I'm always creating new music! Check out a few snippets of my covers. Wanna hear something new from me? Let me know what you'd like to hear.

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Who Am I?

I'm just a girl who works hard to enjoy all this life has to offer. I appreciate love, nature, animals, and hanging out with family and friends. I'm a college student studying child development. Besides my acting and singing careers, I hope to one day work with children and encourage them to live their best lives!

A little more about me...

I am so proud to have been able to call Cameron Boyce my friend. His life passed way too quickly.

To Donate or Support The Cameron Boyce Foundation visit http://bit.ly/4CameronBoyce 

Here you'll find things I'm into now.

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I'm so incredibly grateful for my parents (Shanda & Jeffrey). They have always been supportive, encouraging, and loving. My parents are Life Strategist, mentors, entrepreneurs, and ministers. 

Shanda - http://bit.ly/Shanda-Tap

Jeffrey - http://bit.ly/Jeffrey-Tap

And of course, there's my big sister, Marissa. She's talented, supportive, and literally my best friend in the world!

I am surrounded by an amazing group of friends. I won't make the mistake of naming them here because I'll doubtlessly leave someone out that means the world to me. They support me and my crazy dreams and ideas. 

We laugh, we cry, we dance, and sing. Most of all we're just like anyone else. Life is about appreciating each others company. Whether we're grabbing lunch or coffee at a local cafe or simply watching our favorite shows on Netflix, time together is what I value most.

I am unapologetically Christian in faith. While I'm accepting of others, their beliefs, and personal values I make no excuse for confidently expressing how I feel about my faith in Jesus Christ. 

Don't look to me to be perfect. If you're looking for reasons to dissect my life, point out my setbacks and failures, I'm sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Regardless, I stand by my statement. 


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