Events occur in everyone's life that  change everything about who they are and how they perceive the world around them. These events alter the trajectory we take. Plans and dreams we once had no longer seem relevant. It may have been a childhood trauma, a death of a parent or child, or near death experience. Regardless of the cause these events change how we perceive the path we take in life.  They change our desires, relationships, and the very essence of who we are.  A single moment, a second, a breath, or whisper can alter the reality we so often take for granted.

Without even realizing it I knew from a young age that evolving as an individual was a vital component to success. Looking back I always knew that we are never to stay the same versions of ourselves throughout our entire lives.  If we fell into the trap of staying stagnant we were like dead men walking. This evolution is what my husband and I have termed  The Authentication Process. The video below describes a brief account of what started my journey.  I have learned that life altering events are often God's tool to put us on a trajectory with Destiny. Unlike most people I do not look for ways to get off the potters wheel.  I have always known that the more you fight it the longer it will take. That is the last thing I want!  No one likes the pressure and discomfort it brings, but the quicker you make the changes that are required the quicker you can get off the wheel. Please do not think this process is easy. In all honesty it is difficult for everyone.  

Through my life's experiences and attitude I can now see that God has given me certain insights in order to help others go through this strenuous process.  

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My Story - How it all began.

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