There are events in ones life that occur and it changes everything about who they are and how they perceive the world around them. For some, it's the loss of a loved one. For others it may be the loss of a job, family, or a painful betrayal. Regardless of the cause these events change how we comprehend and reflect on the frailty of life. A single moment, a second, a breath, or whisper can alter the reality we so often take for granted.

Without my permission God took me through what I've termed The Authentication Process. Although the video below describes a brief account of what started my journey, it altered aspects of my marriage and family as well. Life altering events are often God's tool to put us on a trajectory with Destiny. I looked for a way off the potters wheel of perfection with no success. I thought I was fine the way I was, but He saw more. The pain I felt that others placed on me was not of their own doing nor was it out of spite or malice.

I grew up a 3rd generation preacher's kid. I was well trained and studied the Bible daily. I was a "good Christian" man. But God had more in mind...

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My Story - How it all began.

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