I Have A Dream - 2.0

It is our hope that we all become instruments of unity, empathy, and community. We either get through this together or not at all.

"If LOVE doesn't compel you to speak up, proclaim, and move PRO-Actively,
Then ultimately, anger, fear, and violence will occur RE-Actively."


This song/rap was written by Jeffrey in January 2020 on a whim. It took less than an hour to write. The instrumental was downloaded free from Shuka4Beats on Youtube. And his daughter Mychala took an hour to produce it on Garage Band assisted by his best friend and wife, Shanda.

The Authentication Process

Authenticate | Validate | Recreate

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The Authentication Process is the multi-faceted platform for Christian Ministry, Life Coaching, On-T.A.P. Tribe Community, and Mentoring of Jeffrey & Shanda Lee. We are called to birth people into their purpose, remove roadblocks, and push past perceived boundaries. We'll help you Authenticate, Validate, and Recreate a life thats filled with Purpose and encapsulated by Peace! If this is your desire we invite you to connect with us.  Visit The Authentication Process to learn more by clicking AUTHENTICATE below!