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The On-T.A.P. Virtual Book Club

The Virtual Book Club was created and is designed to provide a review of books we believe will have an impact upon those who read and apply the wisdom contained within. Many of the books included within the VBC are books that dramatically benefited us in our own journey to true Purpose and Authenticity.

The On-T.A.P. VBC will be introducing new books and actually inviting you to join us in Live Streaming discussion with Q & A at the end. We may cover a few chapters for each event, but this will be an exciting time to share and connect!

CLICK HERE to join the Private On-T.A.P. Virtual Book Club Facebook Group! This is where we'll be conducting Live Events! 

Current Books

The books below are our current suggestions for the T.A.P. Virtual Book Club.

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In this book Toure Roberts exposes the various roadblocks to being Whole. Purpose and Destiny will forever remain a mystery until you become whole.

Buy "Wholeness"
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Your Perfect You

Dr. Caroline Leaf takes her reader on a true journey to embracing Your Authentic You! Find out how and why God created you the way you are.

Buy "Your Perfect You"
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Hello Tomorrow

Dr. Cindy Trimm lays out timeless truths in her book Hello Tomorrow! The Transformational Power of Vision. The bible says "without a vision the people parish."

Buy "Hello Tomorrow"
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