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The Authentic Life Credo

The very Unique and Personal Journey. Wherein your Faith ignites your Passion. And the Relentless pursuit of Purpose reveals your Authentic Destiny!

Jeffrey & Shanda Lee

Jeffrey & Shanda Lee have been married over 25 years and have two grown daughters. Their experience includes pastoring, mentoring, preaching, and teaching as well as various other entrepreneurial and business activities. Both are Certified Life Coaches/Strategist.

My Authentic Me

Shanda Lee is a blogger, author, and speaker helping women and young girls from all walks of life find purpose, develop a strong self esteem, and contribute to the world around them by understanding who they were authentically created to be. 

Embracing "My Authentic Me" doesn't mean you have to be rude, obnoxious, or display an in-your-face attitude. Women are powerful beyond belief. They are not 2nd class citizens. Women can be nurturing, yet to the point. They can be loving without being needy. Indeed, women can be submissive and yet amazingly strong leaders. And No, Submissive does not mean a slave to mens directives. Intrigued? Join me to find out more.

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Your Authentic You

Jeffrey Lee is a blogger, author, speaker, and ordained minister. He comes from a long line of Christian ministers dating back several generations. He grew up the 12th of 15 kids in a small town in Indiana.

He writes from a male perspective and aims to inspire men, fathers, sons, and husbands how to be authentic without losing masculinity. Men can be loving, kind, emotional, and sensitive without fear of judgment or ridicule. 

Men have traditionally been held as the providers and protectors of the family. With high divorce rates, single parent households, or even those in active military, being a father and husband has its own unique challenges to maintain unity and a solid family lifestyle.

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We are excited to connect with you! We are available for personal, couples, and family Life Strategy Coaching. As well as Dating, Career, Health, Personal Growth, Fun & Leisure, and Finances to name a few. Public Speaking and Live Workshop as well as MC'ing live events are also services we provide.

Life Strategies

Are you looking help regarding your family, marriage, parenting, or dating life? Would you like help in areas of health, personal growth, or finances? Jeffrey & Shanda look forward to helping you bridge the gap between your current situation and your goals!

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Public Speaking

Are you looking for a way to Motivate, Inspire, and Transform your audience, employees, group, church, etc? We're ordained ministers and Love teaching the Word of God. Are you looking for an MC for your live event? Request a Discovery call to see how we can help.

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Live Workshops

Jeffrey & Shanda have experience in various backgrounds. They are available to conduct customized workshops for your company, church, organization, or group. Does your sales organization need a boost of energy? Let's talk.

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Blog Posts

Catch up on our latest Blogs from Jeffrey (Your Authentic You) and Shanda (My Authentic Me).

"If you are struggling to find purpose, like we all have at some point this year, and need a breakthrough I highly recommend you check out T.A.P.! It has lifted my spirits and given me the courage to continue on my journey of discovering ME."

Anita Smith
Real Estate Agent

"I was humbled and honored to meet Jeffrey & Shanda early this year. They introduced me to the wonderful community and resources available on T.A.P. Their dedication to help people find their authentic self is clearly seen when you speak to them one on one or take advantage of the courses offered. I completed the consecration series "From Water To Wine in 40 Days" and walked away with much depth and understanding of my purpose. I knew and felt the change that was transpiring daily. I loved the videos and teachings. I had many AHA! Moments that have open the door to a new LIFE of blessings."

Martina Veg
Financial Advisor

"I highly recommend TAP for anyone who wants a positive message to lift their spirits and keep focused on good. Sign up, you will love it!"

Dr. Roger DeSesa

The Authentication Process

Now is the time to take action! Your struggle to discovering Purpose is over! And Your Authentic Destiny awaits the you you've longed to be! Remove fear and doubt. Eliminate comparison. More importantly, Explode your Faith & Passion and relentlessly sprint towards Your Authentic You! Click Below to Authenticate your identity!

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The On-T.A.P. Tribe Community is a safe place were like minded people can share thoughts, ideas, and encouragement for themselves and others who are on their own creative walk to discover what Purpose & Destiny mean to them.

The Tribe Community is a "Facebook-like" platform that allows us to connect but it's on our private platform without the overwhelming, divisive, hateful, and distracting sidebar ads or comments. Inside you'll find thought provoking Topics, ask questions, and provide helpful feedback. We can't wait to see you inside the Tribe!

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I Have A Dream - 2.0

Listen to Jeffrey's brand new single called I Have A Dream - 2.0 right now.

Guest on "The Kindred Podcast"

Listen in as Shanda and Jeffrey are guest on The Kindred Podcast hosted by Brienne Shepard & Rochelle Wall!


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