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You Are Established!

my authentic me Apr 26, 2021

A few weeks ago I was struggling in my mind and spirit. I was wrestling with the fact that I did not think I was far enough along in my journey. Yes I had made progress, but not enough. Feelings of needing and wanting more started to rise. This has always been a battle for me. Not the question that I am enough, but am I doing enough. My mind continually plays the scenario that I should be further along in whatever I am working towards. That means I must harder and longer hours.  I am sure many of you can relate.

 One morning as I was meditating God kept giving me the word established. I had been praying for strength to be able to and be more, but He kept sending me the word established over and over.  I finally told Him that He was misunderstanding me.  I am not praying to be established I am praying for the ability to do more.  He quickly responded with the answer no.  And then said why do more when you are already  established.  At this point I finally took a pause to really listen.

Being established is defined as something or someone that is well known, totally trusted and usually has a proven track record of success. When I read this I realized what God was trying to show me all along.  I am already established. There is no need to do or be more.  My mind was telling me that I was not enough and I had started to listen.  

I am sure some of you can relate to feeling like this.  Perhaps you feel that you, yourself are not good enough.  Whatever you mind is telling you I am here to say it is a lie!  YOU ARE ESTABLISHED! And don’t let anyone or anything tell you differently.  When these toxic thoughts start to creep in ask yourself a few questions.

1. Have you written down your goals?

2. Do you have a system set up to reach your goals?

3. Do you work that system daily?

4. Have you seen progress no matter how small? 

Asking yourself these question may seem silly, but you will quickly realize that you are doing all you can do and that you makes you enough!  So you are already established! Now I can’t sit here and tell you that the negative thoughts won’t try to attach your mindset again. But now you have some tools that will help you defeat them once and for all! 





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