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Slaying Your Giants

my authentic me Sep 20, 2021

The past year has been the most difficult most of us have seen. Many of you are fighting the biggest giant you’ve ever faced. You feel surrounded on all sides by the enemy. You’re fighting to save your children, save your marriage, save your home, save your business … and it feels insurmountable. 

This season is calling some of us to be like David, a giant slayer. Giant slayers are submitted and disciplined; they’re upbeat and positive. Giant slayers are the same character in the darkness as they are in the light. They see trials as training rather than trouble. Your perspective has to change. You’re never going to bring down your giant complaining about every little battle you’ve had to fight. If we want to face our giants and win, we must learn to be ourselves and use what God gave us.  To be giant slayers we must be determined and focused on the reward. And lastly, giant slayers take authority over the enemy they face.

If you’re going to defeat your giant you’ve got to rise up early. You have to put some things first.  This speaks of discipline. You must first be disciplined before you can slay your giant. Otherwise it’s like competing in the Olympics without ever practicing. You must put in the blood, sweat, and tears to fight whatever it is you are up against. 

One major component in slaying your giant is to realize that your enemy will always show up when you’re in the trenches. When you’re down in your lowest place.  Sometimes we dig a safe place to hide. We find a level of comfort to live with that protects us from what’s going on around us. When you peep out of that trench, looking up to face your enemy, all of a sudden that 9-foot tall giant appears to be 15-feet! But if you’ll get up, you’ll see the enemy is not as big as you thought it was!

If you’re going to kill a giant you can’t be silent. Giant killers shout. You have to lift your voice for victory in your family. Lift your voice in prayer. Shout the promise is bigger than the lies the enemy is touting. The enemy wants to silence you. He wants to silence you with fear and judgment and defeat.  Speak your truth. Do not be silent.

Stay focused on the reward and not the battle. When you get in the battle the enemy wants you to focus on the wrong thing. Focus on the reward. Get your eyes on the prize. It’s worth all the struggles and the things that we go through.  It’s worth fighting for.  

It is imperative that you keep track of your kills.  Remind yourself that this is not the first giant you have faced.  Think back to another time when you thought a event or situation was going to bring you down. Yet here you are still standing.   Recall that you beat that giant with your skills then, and now you are even stronger.  Remind yourself that you have overcome many other giants in your life and each time you came out victorious. And this time will not be any different.  You have served and learned from each battle in your past and that makes you prequalified to kill the giant you are currently facing. 

Maybe your giant is sickness. Maybe your giant is worry. Maybe your giant is fear or addiction that has come out of nowhere in your own home. Take authority over it! Be a giant slayer. Let’s take authority over all the fears that are coming against your life right now. 







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