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The Power In Being Still

my authentic me Nov 01, 2021

Today stillness can be hard to come by. There’s just so much going on. So much noise both inside and outside our brains. So many tasks on our to-do lists. At least several screens within reach. Although there is safety in that, we might also be passing on our chance of growth and blessing.

But stillness is still possible. It too is within our reach whenever we need it. You can cultivate stillness while walking on a busy street, while chaos swirls all around you.  The key is to create an intention of stillness — to have some intentionality about how we’re carrying ourselves in a given moment — and to focus on what is within our control.  

You might physically slow down by sitting, slowly walking or even lying down. You might reduce external stimuli in your environment by lowering the lights and turning down the music.  Stillness is powerful. “Being still is like replenishing the stores. It allows us time and space.” It gives us time and space to self-reflect and actually hear our thoughts,  said Karin Lawson, PsyD, a psychologist and clinical director of Embrace, the binge eating recovery program at Oliver-Pyatt Centers.

It also soothes our nervous system. Stillness produces the anti-stress fix by allowing us some chill time without totally checking out and being numb to our experience.  Stillness looks different at different moments and in different situations.  

Here are several insights and suggestions on practicing stillness:

Breathe. Taking slow, deep breaths induces the parasympathetic system and slows your heart rate.

Practice when you need it.  Whenever and where ever you are take time time to shut off the world. This allows to always be and stay at your best.

Schedule stillness. If you aren’t creating stillness spontaneously, schedule it, keeping this time sacred. Or set an alarm on your phone. Make it a priority and let others know in your life, so that they can honor this time you are setting aside for yourself.

Find a favorite spot. Again, you can experience stillness anywhere. But it can help to start at a favorite place. This might be outdoors, such as a park bench, or at home, in complete silence.

Listen to soft music.  Music also is great when silence becomes deafening.

Repeat calming phrases. This also gives your stillness structure. Lawson shared these examples: “I am calm and still,” or “I can create stillness.”

Stillness has a lot of looks  there are no right or wrong ways to do it.  The health benefits of being still, and ‘resting’ are indisputable, and today I’d like to encourage you to make space in your day to simply be still. Some of the health benefits are:

  • Improved Memory Function
  • Overall Brain Function
  • Relieves Stress
  • Fights Insomnia
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Health

You can  create true liberation from involuntary thinking and unwanted emotions which plague your mind and body. You are then free from negativity and suffering, this is when you are conscious without thought, no stress, no fear, no insecurity, just peace, joy, love, security and harmony.  

Remember that just because the world around us is in full-blown chaos, doesn’t mean we always need to join.  Hermann Hessen stated: “Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat any time.”





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