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What Do You Do When Reality Doesn’t Match Your Vision

my authentic me Apr 12, 2021

Have you ever had the realization that there is a greater purpose for your life than that which you are currently experiencing?  It’s not that your life is bad right now, nor that you’re unhappy or discontent. It’s more of a feeling that you’re not quite fulfilled. This is when you are starting to realize that the vision you have for your life does not meet your reality.  It can be a difficult place to be.  I call the space where you are waiting on your vision to manifest your now.

The now can be a lonely and daunting place to dwell. You are in a state of limbo. You can see, touch, and taste where you are wanting to go(aka your next), but you are dwelling in the now of your reality.  

Although you know it’s not about being focused on where you’re at, it can be interesting to stay in the space of where you want to be, while living your current life. Especially when time is going by and it doesn’t feel like you are any closer to that which you truly desire.  Unfortunately, too many people decide that things aren’t going to change and they give up on their dreams to merely exist in their current reality.

So, what can you do?

The key is to be in the moment. More specifically, to be in the best possible space in this moment. Your life, business or relationship may not be in the optimal space right now, but you can be.

If you are focused on what is wrong or missing, guess what happens? You will miss the amazing things that are going on all around you.  If you stay in the space of what is going right and what you have to be grateful you are aligning yourself with the right energy.  It is imperative to be clear and focused on what you want and where you want to be. Be careful to experience it as what is unfolding for you, and not a reflection of where you are not.

While we are preparing for our next, we must learn to tap into our divinity more than our humanity! You can’t be comfortable with people/situations  that you are suppose to challenge or destroy. There are lessons that you must learn in your now in order to move on to your next. Remember there’s a difference between the right time and a righteous time! (SJR)

Be mindful of who you interact with on a regular basis while you are in your now period. It is said that you will be like the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Are you interacting with like-minded, positive, empowered people who see the world & future the way that you do? Or are you around people who are essentially toxic to you?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

It is empowering to remember that you are choosing this path to a better tomorrow. Regardless of where you are currently at, or what is happening in your life, if you are feeling like you are stuck, you are giving your power away. When you come from a space of choosing, you remain in your power and you stay connected with the right energy.

If you are doing all of the above and you still feel that your journey is not unfolding the way you desire, then it may be time to get an outside opinion. Connect with a coach or expert who you feel synergy with and allow them to assist you get clear on your opportunity.

Always know that there is never anything wrong. You simply do the best you can with that which you have at hand. As you learn more and as your awareness expands, you simply make more empowered decisions. It’s called experience, and there is only one way to get it.

No matter what, you simply are where you are right now – in this moment. It’s what is coming next that is the opportunity for change.Be in the best possible space & energy in this moment, be clear on that which you desire and trust the process. Which includes the timing. Enjoy your journey.



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