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Dreams Vs Schemes

my authentic me Jul 13, 2020
We are  born to create!  It is embedded in each of us to be a part of something bigger that ourselves. This is where dreams come into play. A dream is defined as a series of thoughts and images that will not go away.  We all have them.  These are the things that we want to do or accomplish in our lifetime.  Maybe you wanted to be a doctor when you grew up, you might have wanted to be the one to find a cure for cancer, or maybe you wanted to grow up to be a school teacher.  Have you ever asked why certain people make their dreams a reality; while others fail to even attempt their own? 

The answer to this question is about mindset and perception of our surroundings. Too often we get distracted by the schemes that are thrown at us.  A scheme is defined a large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining some particular object or putting a particular idea into effect.  Often times we mistake a scheme for a dream. ...
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Lord Show Me... Me

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Something has been weighing so heavy on my spirit during this challenging season. So many are scared and miserable with the way their life is, but cannot/ will not change their circumstances.  There is a common denominator in each case. Fear! There is a fear of showing the world the real you... the authentic you. We are so afraid to be authentic because it leads us to being vulnerable.  When we are vulnerable in our empty, we fear the judgement, persecution, and facing the empty.  We have to SEE what and where we lack.  However, in a way we are most alive when we are in “our empty” We must learn to live in these places because this is where God can work with us the most.  It is there that we will be able hear the voice of God, and make the necessary changes so we can reach our fullest potential. 

Instead of facing and dwelling in this place(s) we distract ourselves with friends, work, and family to avoid being alone and feeling the...

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I Would Rather Fail in Faith than Succeed in Fear.

my authentic me Jun 15, 2020

Have you ever worked for something and maybe did not fully reach the goal you had set out to achieve, but you learned so much?  The world calls this  failure.  Or do you seem to have it all (money, houses, cars, and great friends), but you are still depressed and unhappy? In the world's eyes they would be a success. 

This has always been baffling to me.  I  wonder how is it a failure when you were taught so many valuable lessons, make great memories, and grew so much during the journey?  And how is someone a success when their spirit is dying and all some can do is cry? 

The answer is what drives or fear? The way the flesh/world measures success compared to the spirit/God is vastly different.  We are made of flesh, but we are spiritual beings. It is like there are two sides that are in a constant battle for our attention. This is why one person's definition of failure and success can be so different in then our own.  It...

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You are only as strong as the awareness of your weaknesses

my authentic me Jun 08, 2020

Many are wondering why others seem to be more successful and reach the goals they set for themselves. Yet when they try they seem to fall short every time. The difference between those that do and those that don’t is simple... knowing your weaknesses. 

I am sure we all have heard that you are only as strong as your weakest link. The same can be said when it  comes to us personally.   We are in a time where life as we know it has stopped and the world seems like it turned upside down.  I like to think it is turning right side up. Nonetheless, many people have been asking themselves where they fit into this new world. They are wondering why what once fulfilled them is suddenly no longer what they want to do.  You might be feeling anxious and like you are in a state of limbo. You know you are called for more, but are not sure where to start looking.  The first step is looking within.

You are not alone.  Many clients and friends have come to...

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Take a Breath

my authentic me May 25, 2020

As if everyday life was not stressful enough. We have been thrown into a season of pure chaos.  Our daily lives have changed literally overnight.  Our world has turned up side down in a blink of an eye. It is easier now than ever before to get  overwhelmed.

If you are someone that seems to  get bogged down and fear of everyday life overtakes your rational thinking try & remember life is a series of  little decisions. We don't have to have all of the answers right now.  Not everything needs to be figured out. It is ok to take a step back and just breathe. Do your your best to look at the big picture that .Try to focus on the that this too shall pass and that if you really look at things you have all you need for today!

If you are one that just wants a trial over asap no matter what the cost and all you see is the big picture. If you are one to forge through with your head down and only focus on the end, then I want to encourage you to take...

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Mental Health Awareness Part 2

my authentic me May 16, 2020

Here is part  2 of our mental health awareness series.  Please make sure to check it out, and start a conversation with those that you love.  And if you are the one struggling with your mental health reach out for the help that you need!  God Bless. 

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Mental Health Awareness Part 1

my authentic me May 11, 2020

May is Mental Health Awareness month.  I feel so strongly that this is an area where we lack patience, understanding, and education. Too many times this area of our health is overlooked and even forgotten about. If this season teaches us nothing I pray it shows up how behind we are in dealing with mental health issues.  Changes need to happen asap from our health care systems to out daily image of mental health.

  I shot this series to bring awareness and to help start a conversation. I asked my eldest daughter, Marissa, to join me.  I not only wanted another generation's perception, but someone that has been through her own battle.  She has been to her own hell and back. As her mother her struggle became my own.  We will share our story in hopes it helps even one person. 

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my authentic me May 04, 2020

To be a good CEO of your life you must have the 4 C’s

Conflict-Consider these benefits: Conflict fosters an awareness that problems exist. Discussing conflicting views can lead to better solutions. Managing conflict is quicker and more efficient than letting conflicts fester.

Character- Is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. It determines how you conduct yourself.  With good character a person will be able to have healthier relationships and  a better mindset to deal with the ups and downs of life. 

Controversy-Initiates a conversation or debate on topics.  This is an educational and informative platform for you to learn the opposing view points. Knowledge is power and without controlled controversy we would only see our own limited viewpoint.

Commitment-Commitment is also a personal thing. It is a strong indicator of a self-discipline, resilience and persistence. It is a value that differentiates the stout- hearted from...

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Sometimes You Have To Move in Silence

my authentic me Apr 27, 2020

During this time of quarantine I have seen many people start to rethink their lives.  People are starting to challenge themselves and step out in becoming the best versions of themselves for this next season.  This is just one of the amazing blessings that has come about from the world slowing down.  


Unfortunately, I have also seen these same people share their new goals and dreams with others only to be shot down.  Some have become a target from friends and family members because they are being blessed or prosperous during a time where many are stagnant.  


If this has happened or is happening to you this might be a time where you have to move in silence.  Check out my video for me details! 

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my authentic me Apr 20, 2020

April is almost done. Most of us have been in self isolation well over a month.  We are in the midst of  round 2. The reason I  call it that is because we all start out with the best intentions.   Maybe you  started off the quarantine with the mind set that you were going to get organized,  Wether it be your house or eating habits. You decided to take the time God has given and use it wisely.  Maybe you started working out a few times a week , you made sure you got your steps in, and you cut your calorie intake. Maybe you started to organize the cluttered garage.  You were diligent for about the first week...maybe even two.  Then something happened. The reality of the job hit you like a ton of bricks.  You started seeing  yourself slowly tapering off until you are back to your old habits.  The garage only got half way done. You workout routine is no more.  If this is not you, and you are still going strong I am...

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