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God Told Me To... Get Lost!!

your authentic you Apr 13, 2020

As I was praying and contemplating God's definition and understanding of what Purpose and Destiny really were he spoke clearly to my spirit these two words... GET LOST!! I thought to myself, I must not have heard Him right. He continued to repeat this to my spirit over and over for several minutes until it hit me. He clarified His words as follows.
If you Recognize the path you are now on, then that's evidence you've past that way before! You'll never find true Purpose until you Get Lost. Until the path you walk looks new, different, & potentially fearful you're just walking around the same mountain again.
The problem with the Familiar is it doesn't inspire growth. It's comforts only tend to hold one back and cause them to allow for mediocrity to cement itself as the accepted norm.
Les Brown said if you're the smartest one in our group you need to find a new group! Go somewhere and associate with people who make you feel dumb. People who challenge you and how you think, and act,...

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It might be time to change it up.

my authentic me Apr 13, 2020

Changing your environment ca make all the difference in your mindset. 

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The New You. The Real You.

my authentic me Apr 06, 2020

In my last blog I wrote that the time for change is now. I opened up about my journey of self discovery and the importance of being the real/authentic versions of ourselves vs what we are told to be.  If you decided to leave the old you and venture out in becoming the you that you are called to be I want to commend you.  You have taken the first step to personal and authentic freedom!

Let me start off  saying by allowing this process of becoming my truest self has been one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures. It causes you to dig deep and you must ask yourself some very difficult questions.  It takes a ton of work, but getting to know yourself on a deeper level will help you thrive in every area of your life. 

You need to ask yourself why you are the way you are. Why do you think the way you do?  Ask yourself what you really want from this life and what you are truly passionate about.  Most important is to ask yourself where the answers...

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my authentic me Mar 30, 2020

I had actually started to write this a week before life as we knew it changed.  I feel that now is the time to post it.  So many of us are wondering why God is "allowing" the current events to happen.  I want to challenge you to stop asking why.  Instead start seeking what this season is supposed to be teaching us.  We all have lessons we are to learn during this time.  It is up to each of us to seek His divine wisdom to see what they are. 

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my authentic me Mar 16, 2020

The past few months I have spoken about taking time to reflect, knowing your why, and identity crisis. God has put these topics so heavily on my mind and I can see why.  It’s time to decide who you are going to be? The old you or the new you. We are at a point in time when we can no longer live in limbo. We must stop going back and forth on who and what we want to be.  Either choose to step into your purpose or remain where you are at.  

We are all born having an image that the world and others have for us.  Wether it is your parents that insist you become a doctor or lawyer.  Maybe you grew up being told that you were a nobody and would never amount to anything.  No matter the circumstances none of us have to live under those rules.  We cannot help what we are born into, but we can decide what path we take in life. 

I have chosen to step out of the image that others had for me.  It is a choice I have yet to regret.  The...

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Stop Making Seasonal People Lifetime Participants

my authentic me Mar 02, 2020
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my authentic me Feb 17, 2020

WHERE IS YOUR MIND AT! The time will come when you see that you have to be around those that have the same mindset, relationships, and surroundings. I only have so much mental real estate, so I have to be MINDFUL of what I’m paying attention to! If you have paid attention to my last few blog, then you will see a pattern.  If we want real and lasting change in our lives, then we must evaluate where our mind is at.  What are you focusing on?  Where is the majority of your time being spent?

Answer these questions honestly.  Are you spending hours a day watching t.v.?  Do you scroll through facebook & instagram most evenings? What steps are you taking to birth your purpose?  It is safe to to say that what we focus on becomes our reality. We must silence our surroundings so we can hear what God is trying to tell us! Your job is not to conform, but to be transformed  by the renewing of the mind! This is why it is vital to now...

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What Is Your Why?

my authentic me Feb 03, 2020

In my last blog I spoke how many of us today are having an indentity crisis. We are living in an age where we try to define ourselves based upon material possessions or status.
We put so much emphasis on what others think and say that we are loosing are authentic selves.

It is time to build our foundation on who we really are so we can stop pretending.  The first step in building this solid foundation is finding your why.  Knowing your why will bring you closer to becoming the real you.  Deciding how you want to measure your life means making a stand for something and then living your life in alignment with it. Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. 

Some might ask where or how to find your why. Focus on what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at, and  what you would be proud doing. Think back to what you loved to do as a child.  Recall what makes you loose...

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my authentic me Jan 20, 2020

Lately I have observed many friends, clients, and loved ones & there seems to be one core thread.  Too many of us do not know who we are.  People seem to be in a state of confusion about their purpose, where they belong, and even if they are meant to be here. This greatly saddens me.  We all have a purpose and a reason for living.  If you or anyone tells you otherwise, then it is a lie from the enemy. 

In a world driven by photoshopped images, snapshots of people's "perfect" lives, and so many trying to act like they have it altogether it is no wonder why we are confused. We can no longer tell realty from fantasy. When this happens, people start to  build their purpose on a foundation made of sand.  It is no wonder why so many souls are lost and just floating through life. There is no surprise why one day you maybe on a high, then the next suicidal.  You cannot be surprised  if you are unhappy with your job, friends, and love...

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It is all about the Flow!

my authentic me Jan 06, 2020

Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support between two parties. In order to have a true friendship one must understand how the other person thinks. This is true in all relationships.   You cannot just assume their mindset is exactly like yours is.  This is why true friends are hard to find.  

Too many of us put our own thoughts and insecurities on those around us. We automatically assume that our friends will react or think exactly like we do.  Sometimes this is true, but not everyone is the same as we are.  For instance, what may offend you may not offend someone else.  What may flatter you may not be flattering to others.  Some people may want to talk daily and others may touch base with their friends a less often.  One way is not better then the other.  They are just different.

The mistake many of us make is that we try to put each of our friends in the same box.  If one of them steps out of this...

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